FMA Project Delivery Approach

Owner’s Agent:

We provide the option to act as owner’s agent. This prevents the duplication of services and optimizes our contribution to the project’s team.

Project-by-Project Assessment:

We structure our projects to succeed and then manage them accordingly. This involves fine-tuning the delivery method on a project-by-project basis. We start with a thorough assessment of the unique elements and variables of a project which include: location, schedule, land viability, end use, building construction type, budget, size, complexity, and the client’s internal review requirements.

Team Approach and Selection:

We use negotiation and a genuine team approach to solve problems. Our team approach allows all players to contribute to the process and provide the client with the best value. As project and development managers, we assume the leadership of a thoughtfully selected team with the required experience, skills, and the right chemistry.

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